Collegiate esports is a rapidly growing sector in gaming and we are proud to host and invite several college-level esports programs to our event to provide this exclusive tournaments.

As part of our dedication to pushing college esports, we are offering a collegiate only LoL tournament with a cash prize, while we are providing the systems to play. The players are welcome to bring their own accessories - Headsets will not be provided, so don’t forget those.

The two options we offer - $200 for a single LoL team with use of our PCs OR each player can buy a 3-day pass (covers the prize pool) and bring their own computers to play all weekend!

Sign up for Collegiate League of Legends on the left!

Sticking to our grass roots - we are providing the regular BYOC tournaments that we host at all of our regular events.

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A BYOC ticket is required to take part in these events.




Continuing our efforts to expand fighting games in Kansas City, we are hosting several of the most popular titles.  Join us!